Bitcoin Breaks Through $60,000 Again!


Bitcoin punched through $60,000 once again after topsy-turvy couple of weeks saw the flagship cryptocurrency rising and falling between $52,000 and $59,000.

The $60k line has been repeatedly tested since Bitcoin (BTC) set an all-time high of $61,701 on March 13.

Those tests of a clear resistance provided BTC with an opportunity for consolidation, building strength and interest as it hovered around $56k and $58k in the last few days. Coiling for a strike, it made its surprise move this morning – sinking its teeth into $60,800.

Beginning the pre-dawn raid at $58,100, three hourly green candles stealthily placed it on $59,200 before a remarkable rush up to $61,312.

It proved a rude awakening for heavy-eyed bears as resistance lines were pulled back in an effort to hold BTC below $61,000. Before the weekend has even had chance to rub its eyes, it already looks very much like this is where BTC’s next battle will be fought in the coming days.

Following the dramatic return to territory north of $60,000 it would appear Bitcoin has gathered some kind of strength, although buying volume doesn’t quite appear to particularly high.

Low volume, though, is often the emblem of weekend trading, and a price surge on small buying numbers will be viewed as a positive signal from bullish analysts.

Where Bitcoin goes from here is now dependent on what mood each market around the world wakes up in.

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